Fees & Payment

Texas License To Carry Handgun Course Training​

  • Regular: $75.00
  • Online Class: $58.00
  • Private Individual Class & Range: $250.00
  • Gun Rental: $15.00
  • Box of Ammo: $25.00

The State of Texas requires that you receive a 4-6 hours of training, not including range time and testing. You will receive lot of useful information during the 4-6 hours. You’ll be treated to a professionally prepared multimedia presentation, complete with video, photos and graphics. Discussion and questions are always encouraged.

Your LTC class fee includes:

  • 4-6 hours of classroom instruction in a comfortable classroom
  • Written exam and Proficiency Demonstrations
  • CHL Target – B27

Your LTC class fee does NOT include:

  • Range Qualification fees
  • Ammo for qualification test (you will need a minimum of 50 rds, you can bring your own, purchase from the range. (NO STEEL CASE. BRASS AMMO ONLY)
  • If you don’t have a gun, no problem, we can loan you one for $10-20 per session for the qualifications.

All payments are final and no refund. Class registered for and not attended without prior notification, fees will not be refunded. Payment is required for class registration to guarantee class space.

Register- Make an appointment

You must be registered and paid in full prior to attending class. If something comes up and you cannot attend the class selected, We can reschedule your class for a later date.

Note: For LTC ONLINE Class, Click on LTC Online Class above for Registrations & Payment. Payments are not refundable

Please fill out the form below describing which class you want to attend and your information. All information will be used for the sole purpose of signing you up for a specific class, no info will be retained or sold for any reason. ALL FIELDS SHOULD BE FILLED OUT COMPLETELY.